Dedicated to the promotion of Test & Diagnostic technologies for high voltage equipment in Australia and New Zealand


We represent the following list of manufacturers:

b2 High Voltage (The world leader in VLF and Oil testing technologies. Largest range of solutions for HV cable testing and diagnostics. Known for equipment performance and reliability.)

  •  HVA Series VLF Hipots
  • TD Series VLF Tan Delta measurement devices
  • PD Series VLF PD Detection systems
  • BA Series Oil BDV Testers
  •  OilQSense online oil quality monitor

Techimp (Innovative condition monitoring company out of University of Bologna.)

  • Partial Discharge detection and measurement systems
  • PD sensors and transducers
  • Tan Delta measurement systems
  • Oil DGA systems
  • Online Condition Monitoring Systems

Energy Support (German company specialising in Oil Testing)

  • DGA Analysers for laboratory, field and online testing
  • Oil Sampling kits
  • Oil Testing – Titrators, Interfacial Tension meter, Tan Delta
  • Oil Treatment and regeneration

Altea Solutions (An Italian company producing innovative fault location systems)

  • Current & Voltage Sensors
  • Fault Location Systems

Empath (A US company producing high quality motor signature analysers)

  • Motor signature Analysers

Vanguard (A US company producing a range of high quality, reliable functional testers for transformers, circuit breakers and other sub-station applications)

  • Circuit Breaker Contact Resistance Meters
  • Transducers
  • Circuit Breaker Timers
  • Current Transformer Testers
  • Insulation Resistance Meters
  • Relay Test Equipment
  • Transformer Turns Ratio Meters
  • Transformer Winding Resistance Meters
  • Vacuum Bottle Testers

VON ( A US company specialising in cable fault location and other HV test items)

  • Cable Fault locators
  • DC Hipots
  • Electrical Testers for gloves, hoses, live-line equipment and other accessories

 Samgor (A Chinese HV company that produces high quality HV test systems)

  • Impulse Testing (10kV-2000kV)
  • ac and DC hipots (
  • Transformer test systems
  • Shielded rooms

Tentech (A range of small hand-held electrical test systems)

  • Earth Ground Testers
  • Insulation Resistance Te4sters
  • Micro-ohm meters

Etel (Manufacturers of oil diagnostic equipment)

  • Oil Tan Delta Measurement

Other accessible products:

  • Haefely Hipotronics
  • T&R
  • Intereng
  • Telemetrics
  • Haiomai

 If you need a product sourced then we will assist or at least put you in touch with people who can.

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