HV Diagnostix provides testing services to customers when they do not have the equipment or the expertise to do so themselves. We use this experience to support the application of our products and to demonstrate the benefits of insulation diagnostics to our customers.

We have three categories of service we offer:

On site testing

We can come to your site and perform testing of your assets. Generally either to demonstrate the benefits of diagnostics or to assist with problems that you are having.

Diagnostic Consulting

Let us assist you in diagnosing the condition of your HV insulation by providing an independent assessment of the diagnostic measurements you have.

General Training

We can provide generalised training in our areas of expertise:

  • An introduction to High Voltage
  • Cable Diagnostic testing
  • Partial Discharge
  • Insulation Diagnostics

We have the following equipment that we can use to perform testing:

High Voltage Sources 

used to provide the high electric field for hipot or diagnostic testing: 

  • B2HV 34kV VLF
  • B2HV 62kV VLF
  • 100kV 50Hz 100mA hipot
  • 200kV DC hipot

Insulation Diagnostic Testers

PD Scanning systems

  • Acoustic Camera (can also be used for leak location in pressurised systems)
  • PMDT PD scanning system with HFCT, UHF, TEV sensors

PD Measurement systems

  • Techimp online PD Measurement system with 
  • B2HV 60kV PDTD system (used for measuring Partial Discharges on cables with VLF source)

Insulation Testing

  • Hioki 5kV Insulation Resistance tester
  • B2HV 60kV PDTD system (used for measuring Partial Discharges on cables with VLF source)

Advanced Cable Testing

LIRA FDR cable impedance profiler


VLF Hipot
50Hz Hipot
DC Hipot
Ir testing
PD Scanning
Online PD
Offline PD
Acoustic Scanning
Leak Finding
Fault Location

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