We provide product support such as:

Application Engineering (pre-sales support) and demonstrations

We own and operate the equipment that we sell and so we can always arrange a practical demonstration for you. Even better if its used in a practical on-site test so you get to see it operate under actual conditions.

Training on operation and data analysis

We can optionally supply theoretical and practical training on the operation of the equipment once it is delivered.

Analysis and diagnosis of test results

We have extensive experience in the diagnostic testing of insulation which we can bring to bear when you start analysing the measurements that are performed on your equipment.

Calibration and servicing

We work closely with our OEMs to be able to provide local support, largely eliminating long lead times and expensive shipping. Keeping your equipment calibrated and maintained with the latest updates keeps your operations profitable.

Local repair and support

Repairs can be expensive and time consuming when OEMs are located in Europe or the USA. We largely avoid this by providing these services locally.

Equipment loan and rental

We can loan or hire (at very reasonable rates) our equipment to our customers when they have needs that cannot be met by their equipment. To this end we have 60kV VLFs and 60kV V:LF diagnostic systems.


We can back-up our customers by providing add-on diagnostic support to their testing offerings. This can be especially useful if our customer is building up their market.

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