About HV Diagnostix Services

To support our customers and to keep our application skills as relevant as possible we offer testing services in the following areas :

  • Cable VLF Withstand Testing and Cable Diagnostics
  • Cable Fault location
  • Partial Discharge Testing (online/offline, any equipment)
  • MV Motor Testing and diagnostics

We also provide support services such as:

  • Technology Training
  • Product training
  • Application support
  • Diagnostic analysis
  • Calibration , maintenance and repair of equipment
  • Forensic assistance

HV Diagnostix can provide theoretical and practical training on all the equipment that we sell and support.

HV Diagnostix can provide technical training courses on the following material.

  • An Introduction to Partial Discharge
  • An introduction to Insulation Testing and Diagnostics
  • An introduction to Condition Monitoring
  • Insulation oil analysis and diagnostics
  • Innovative Fault location for oil-filled cables
  • An introduction to Cable Fault Location
  • An introduction to cable testing and diagnostics
  • Partial Discharges in cables
  • Partial discharges in transformers
  • Partial Discharges in motors/generators
  • Partial Discharges in gas insulated systems
  • An introduction to Partial Discharge Scanning
  • An introduction to VLF
  • A comparison of different voltage sources for high voltage testing
  • An introduction to Tan Delta
  • International cable testing standards - IEEE, IEC
  • Realistic expectations from diagnostics - statistical perspective
  • Using TDR techniques to locate damage on cables - experimental work
  • The dangers of using DC for cable testing
  • Partial Discharge - requirements for proof of detection/absence
  • An introduction to oil breakdown voltage analysis
  • High Voltage insulation degradation and breakdown
  • Performing proper withstand testing
  • Insulation diagnostic techniques

HV Diagnostix can provide the following testing services

  • VLF Withstand testing
  • Monitored VLF withstand testing
  • Offline VLF Partial discharge testing
  • Online PD testing of cables, transformers, switchgear

HV Diagnostix can provide consulting services in the following areas:

  • Development of procedures and standards
  • Analysis of measurements
  • Second opinions on diagnostic measurements
  • Forensic analysis of insulation failure